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1:1 Wellness Coaching

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of our daily life that we forget to see the big picture. Our mind is filled with so many mundane to-do lists that we have no mindspace left to figure out how to be more efficient with our time and energy. 

I am here to challenge you to live a better life. A life where every moment is lived with purpose and intention! Are you ready?

In this initial appointment you will get a bird’s eye view of your overall life. Your satisfaction level in each area of your life and how interconnected it is with the other areas. Every person who has worked with me has found this initial appointment very enlightening and the most important step in their wellness journey.
Let’s find out if we are a good fit!

Private Yoga

Traditionally yoga was taught via private instruction, making it all about you! The 8 limbs of yoga provide us with the best tools to manage our mind. But we cannot focus on our mind if we are busy trying to twist into a shape that is not meant for us. 

Let me help you build a personal practice that is adapted to your body and mind, so you can take advantage of this amazing eternal mindfulness tool. 

Learn how to build a home practice that can fit into your current lifestyle. In this initial appointment you will get an opportunity ask any questions about the different yoga tools and pick the one that resonates with you the most. The cost of this appointment can be used towards the purchase of new student yoga package.

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Vedic mantras when chanted correctly, with the right intention and focus, produce specific vibrations in the body and energy field. These vibrations can positively influence our energetic, physiological, and mental states, thereby improving physical, mental, and emotional health. Another significant benefit of the chanting process is adhyayanam. Adhyayanam has the inherent ability to bring the mind to a state of complete attention which helps us reach higher level of consciousness.
This beautiful vibrational series class is for all those who wish to learn and begin practicing the ancient sound science of Vedic Healing Chant in the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya. No previous experience in singing, chanting, or the practice of Vedic Chant is required.
All levels welcome.
Cost of 4-week series: $95
Class recordings will be available for one week after each class for those who miss a session.

Wednesdays,  10/14 – 11/4 @ 6:30 pm (PDT), 75 mins

Do you wish there was an alarm to fall asleep?

I do too! There isn't one yet, but here's a FREE guide to my top 3 favorite mindfulness tools that can help!