Viju Machaiah Appachettolanda 

Let me start by saying that I am a transformed person after completing the wellness and healing program with Nisha. I am generally not very keen on taking up such programs, but Nisha was referred to me as somebody who had an issue similar to mine and had overcome it. I am glad that I made up my mind and got in touch with her for help. A decision which was made in anticipation of good health was worth it not just because of wellness but also because my general approach to life has changed for good.

Nisha takes a professional approach in assessing the individual before recommending any changes. Where necessary, she would get me to take medical tests or meet with a doctor. In my case, since Nisha had gone through a similar SI joint dysfunction issue, we could relate and connect very well. In any case, Nisha’s empathy and concern toward making one’s life better are genuine.

Nisha takes a customized approach depending on the individual and their issues. Besides recommending diet changes and exercises after careful assessment, she also sets goals and motivates us to achieve them. She does a lot of reading herself on topics related to health and wellness and as well as other general topics. She then recommends certain books and materials which helped in my overall development. She is confident, and very clearly reasons out why we do what we do and how it benefits our health. 

As far as my issue is concerned, there was a vast improvement in my pain levels – which reduced from 10 to 4 – towards the end of the wellness program. It has been more than 6 months now after completing the program and my health has improved further and I have become more confident as a person. Now when the pain shows up occasionally due to stress and strain, I am capable of managing the pain and bringing it under control by following some of the key principles that I learned during the program. In any case, Nisha is always available to clear any doubts we may have later. I truly recommend Nisha not only to people who are going through chronic health problems but also to those who are healthy because it is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than reaching out for help only when a crisis arises. 

Thank you, Nisha, for all your help and support.

  • Singapore, Singapore 
  • September 2018

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