Valentina Ferro

When you need something, the Universe is going to put it on your path.” Nisha said once to me. But most important, she proved it to me in more than one way. 

One year ago I moved to a new country. I was handling conflicts in my life with previous colleagues and with myself for having failed an important step in my career. Not only was I a stranger, but I also felt lost. That’s when the Universe sent me Nisha. 

She guided me through a beginner series of Yoga. At first, I wanted to do this to build a new routine and feel less guilty for walking less since I started working from home. Like many, I thought it would be a sports activity, to keep in shape for the summer. From the first session, I realized that it was so much more. 

I had done some Yoga before, but never like this. Nisha was there to help, not only by correcting my poses and advising me on what was best for my body, but also by showing me how to “listen” to my body, be in the moment, be present. Her presence was reassuring, and I felt that even in that first Yoga session, I could be completely open and had no fear to be myself.

During the rest of the course, Nisha introduced me to multiple techniques, from breathing practices over to journalling my yoga sessions to chanting. And she did it by using my language. I am a scientist, and she used a language and explanations that resonated with me. I now take conscious breathing breaks multiple times throughout my day, that allows me to be present, to focus and to handle anxieties and conflicts. I chant every day, after my Yoga session: I love how I can generate sounds that put me at ease, relax me or energize me. I cherish this me-time as the most important thing in my day. I look forward to it, especially when I am busy or stressed. 

Who am I today? 

With small changes, you do not notice them immediately. But they add up. I am a different person than I was one year ago. I walk and sit more comfortably, I am more confident in saying no and reserving time for myself and my needs, I do not fail anymore because in every insuccess I have the strength and the tools to make a lesson out of it. 

As a result, I am more productive, I feel accomplished and I am healthier physically and mentally. I had no idea that Yoga could do this for me, but I guess it’s thanks to the way Nisha introduced to me, making it natural, interesting, and so pleasant to do it!

The Universe was very generous to me. I needed a new routine, and it gave me a great Yoga teacher that prepared a practice to resolve my day around. I needed a way to handle conflicts and failures, and it put on my path a fantastic person that gave me the tools to be present and always find the bright side of life. I needed a friend in a place in time and space where I felt lost, and it introduced me to Nisha. 

  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • March 2019

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