Trupti Changappa

A casual conversation with Nisha is what prompted me to explore holistic remedies to deal with my hypothyroidism that complimented my ongoing medical treatment.

She has encouraged me to adopt a few lifestyle and diet changes that would not only help towards my thyroid issue but also help me cope with stress. Whenever I need any clarification, she does ample research and delves deep into the subject. The changes have been simple and gradual and have helped me become more conscious about what I eat. She advised adding meditation to my yoga routine which has helped immensely. She constantly checks on how I am doing and suggests a workable solution always. Though it would take a few months before I see visible changes in my thyroid, I can already sense positive changes in my general well being. Thanks to Nisha, I have a better understanding of my overall health. It has been a wonderful experience with Nisha guiding me at every step.

  • Bangalore, KS, India
  • August 2018

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