Nazneen Malik

I enrolled in Nisha Kunder wellness coaching program because I felt certain distressing situations were repeating themselves in my life. I wanted the perspective of someone who had risen about them. Honestly the coaching surpassed my expectations in many ways and included more dimensions than I had anticipated. I had taken counseling, advice from friends, family, co-workers and the internet before. Though they mean well, only Nisha asked me the right follow up questions to understand my unique situation.

She started with understanding my mindset from how my relationships are going and my energy. We traced my attitudes back to the incidences that caused them, and she systematically challenged my perspective. I became more aware of the fact that things are not just happening to me but for me and that I had a choice in how I react. I think Nisha embraced my challenges with an openness I have not seen before. I didn’t feel like I was ‘on my own’ with anything I was dealing with. She was patient and creative in gently guiding me in the right direction. My favorite part was that she didn’t sugar coat any feedback. We focused on growth. The time I spent in coaching was focused and relevant to where I was at and what I needed to get to the next level.  I felt her career advice resonated with me. 

Over 1 year, my routine, habits, diet and attitude are more mindful and focused. I feel more productive and energetic than I did in my 20’s. My relationships are going a lot better. The feeling of ‘I can kill someone today’ is now replaced with ‘I really need to meditate’. I have a lot more confidence in facing challenges and accepting change than I did before. All her methods and trainings gave me a good boost and some sophisticated tools and approaches that I can use in my career and life. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is driven but is feeling stuck or is not able to use their full potential.

  • Raleigh, NC, USA
  • January 2021

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