Megan Huffman

I began my journey of health and wellness under the coaching by Nisha looking for a chance to learn some sustainable life habits that would benefit my health, and in the end, I got so much more than just that.

I came to Nisha with a lot of self-doubts, many worries and fears, and underlying excuses for many things that I had been letting hold me back.  My first step with Nisha was getting to the root of why I put myself down and didn’t succeed very often with health and life goals in the past. The biggest take away I learned about myself is that I was putting everyone else first and not taking care of myself the way I needed because I didn’t think I was worth it due to failing to meet societal standards. Recognizing this and truly seeing how I was letting it take over so much of my life was really eye-opening and is what pushed me to listen to what Nisha was coaching me through and helped me to start applying her teachings to my life and daily routines.

I struggled at first to really stick with goals she and I were setting because I was letting a lot of the mental hurdles get in the way. The thing that I think helped me the most was just learning to take the time to breathe and to just let this go. Once I started doing 15-20 min breathing exercises and meditation two times each day, then I really started to be excited for what I could do try next.

Nisha was great in really reading the paces I needed to go in order to take on new steps and goals (like setting walking pace goals to achieve to help with getting more daily movement, or looking at what stressed me out the most at work and seeing what ways I felt I could best overcome that stress in a way that was manageable for me).

Nisha worked with me on all aspects of my life. Physical health, mental health, finances, career, social/relationships, home life. I really loved how in depth she was willing to go and her advice was spot on and she always could pick up instances when I was struggling or questioning myself. She encouraged me in the right way to make me realize that it all had to be me and my choices. I control my life and I needed to care about me and put myself first more.

The 6 months I had Nisha’s help was life-changing for me. I have continued to use the breathing techniques I learned, and whenever I find myself getting stressed out or panicky, I use them and they work every time to calm me and re-center me. That alone made the entire thing worth it. I have more self-confidence now and I truly feel love for myself in ways I never had before, and because of that, not only do I benefit, but others in my life have benefited.

Thank you, Nisha for your support and true care you gave me. I breathe easier in more ways than one and I will forever be grateful for that.

  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • August 2018


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