Evie Mercer

I never knew that wellness coaching could be so powerful until I worked with Nisha.  During our first session together, we figured out all the areas of my life that needed to improve which was an overwhelmingly long list. She told me not to worry and that with time, we will sort it all out. She gently asked me to pick two areas in my life that needed the most attention in my current state. In my case, these areas included managing stress at work and overcommitting to friends and family.

My boss would ask me to work late hours which I would always agree to because, to me, that was normal. I would also overcommit to friends since I wanted to see everyone and didn’t know how to say NO without feeling guilty about not making time for them. Throughout our sessions, Nisha taught me the importance of self-love and that it is completely normal to say “No” to my boss or friends who have high expectations. I was surprised to find out that once I explained to my boss and friends that I needed to take care of myself and can’t add more than I can handle to my plate, they became more respectful of my time. Nisha also helped me phrase my sentences in a way that avoided conflict at work, with family and friends which certainly made each encounter with them more pleasant.

Nisha also included a special meditation plan that was tailored to my needs. My plan included learning to be present in each moment which is much harder than it seems. She explained that meditation truly works if you commit to it. She gave me meditation homework after each session which would evolve into a more intense sitting each week.

With time, I noticed that my daily stresses became minimal and I felt a freedom in my mind that I did not know was possible. Today, I feel more present in my life and my encounters with people are much more meaningful. I also take at least a half day to take care of myself which often includes a new adventure such as learning a new language, going for a hike or drifting away into a beautiful world through a novel. Nisha changed my life in ways that I never imagined possible. Her time and dedication have taught me to be loving toward myself and thankful for the gift of each new day.

  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • September 2018


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