Denise Chaddock

I have had a very good experience with this wellness lifestyle and in particular with Nisha as my wellness coach. From the beginning, she was supportive and aware of how I would best achieve my goals. I was supplied with resources and help. It really was an easy start. Nisha worked with me on my food intake making little changes at a time. As time progressed I realized I was making changes on my own. One of my changes was to drink more tea which I did and that resulted in my drinking no soda without trying. Trying new vegetables led to me eating more vegetables. Going meatless one day a week led to cutting out all breakfast meat and reduced other meat intakes by at least 50%. This happened over time but it was very smooth.  No jarring changes that do not last. These changes are still in place and growing. 

Exercising was for me a stumbling block.  Besides the obvious – not wanting to exercise – I also have health issues that restrict my exercise and activity level.  This has over time weakened my body.  First Nisha encouraged me to walk more.  So I put on my FitBit and started walking more around the office.  Then at home and before long, I was breathing better and able to walk further without pain.  Stretching is another activity that helps me both at work (I sit at a computer all day) and at home.  Next Nisha worked with me to find an appropriate exercise routine.  We found a solution so that I now get regular doctor-approved exercise. 

Breathing techniques and meditation are other positive additions to my life.  I was going through some very stressful times over the past few years.  My anxiety was so bad that my doctor, who avoids prescribing antidepressants, insisted on putting me on something.  Just so I could function.  Nisha worked with me on several different breathing techniques and meditation routines.  The more I used the techniques and routines the less medicine was needed. 

This was put to an unexpected test recently.  My dog had a severe stroke.  The ER doctors did not think he would survive. Fortunately, he did survive but it was a horribly stressful time.  After a few weeks, after all of the danger for him had subsided I again realized an accomplishment.  I had not taken any Xanax.  Not one.  When the stress started building, I automatically used the breathing techniques and meditation that Nisha had introduced into my daily routines.  I still have not taken another Xanax and it has been 7 months.

Before we started, Nisha had me verify everything with my doctor.  Both diet and exercise changes were discussed.  He was on board with her outline and with his input approved her plan.  He had me do blood work prior to starting and after 3 months.  He was very pleased with the results.

 Nisha’s method of teaching and encouraging is a key factor in my success.  She is very knowledgeable and excellent at getting to the source of what will help.  She is a very patient and caring person.  She guided and supported me through each step.  She is very good at providing tools and techniques that best fit my lifestyle. Ones that will help me continue my wellness improvement. I feel 100% better than when I started this journey.  I breathe easier, my strength and balance have improved, and my digestion is doing much better.  Mentally, my brain is functioning better.  Simply put I am healthier and happier.

  • Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • April, 2018

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