Nazneen Malik

I enrolled in Nisha Kunder wellness coaching program because I felt certain distressing situations were repeating themselves in my life. I wanted the perspective of someone who had risen about them. Honestly the coaching surpassed my expectations in many ways and included more dimensions than I had anticipated…Read more

Laura Hart Newlon

As life stress ramped up to an unsustainable level, due to balancing kids, schedules, and increasing work responsibilities, my neck and upper back were in bad shape and I felt a baseline degree of anxiety and tension that rarely disappeared. My body and mind felt in a constant state of reaction, which impacted my relationship with my kids and partner… Read more

Valentina Ferro

When you need something, the Universe is going to put it on your path.” Nisha once said to me. But most important, she proved it to me in more than one way. One year ago I moved to a new country. I was handling conflicts in my life with previous colleagues and with myself for having failed an important step in my career… Read more

Megan Huffman

I began my journey of health and wellness under the coaching by Nisha looking for a chance to learn some sustainable life habits that would benefit my health, and in the end, I got so much more than just that… Read more

Denise Chaddock

I have had a very good experience with this wellness lifestyle and in particular with Nisha as my wellness coach.  From the beginning, she was supportive and aware of how I would best achieve my goals.  I was supplied with resources and help.  It really was an easy start… Read more

Viju Machaiah Appachettolanda

Let me start by saying that I am a transformed person after completing the wellness and healing program with Nisha. I am generally not very keen on taking up such programs, but Nisha was referred to me as somebody who had an issue similar to mine and had overcome it. I am glad that I made up my mind and got in touch with her for help…  Read more

Carla Tobens

When I entered Nisha studio space, what I found most evident is the deep care she has taken to create a place to center yourself. From the cups, she offers tea in, to the low lighting, and the multiple pillows, blankets, and mats, she creates a place of serenity… Read more

Evie Mercer

I never knew that Health coaching could be so powerful until I worked with Nisha. During our first session together, we figured out all the areas of my life that needed to improve which was an overwhelmingly long list. She told me not to worry and that with time, we will sort it all out… Read more

Trupti Changappa

A casual conversation with Nisha is what prompted me to explore alternatives to deal with my hypothyroidism instead of just popping pills. She has encouraged me to adopt a few lifestyles… Read more

Severine Pathak

I love working with Nisha, she listens to what is going on with me and tailors the practice to my needs. My back is getting stronger and more balanced, which has lessened my back pain. I feel more centered mentally as well, yoga has deepened my meditation and chant practices.. Read more

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