Sleep Karma

A 6-week digital course to help you get better quality sleep so you can wake up well rested with more energy and patience for everything and everyone you love.

So you can finally stop googling your symptoms in the middle of a sleepless night and learn the tools to holistically heal the root cause of your sleep issues.

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    Nisha Kunder

    Yoga & Wellness Coach

    Meet your Coach...

    Building self-awareness, which includes being fully aware of your mind, body and spirit, takes time and practice. Once we are aware we can work on healing it. That's why I created this course - so I can hold that space to coach your through it and ensure you have the tools to take care of yourself with confidence.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Eat for your body and mind type
    • Learn asana (physical) yoga practice for your unique body type
    • Bring awareness to your breath and learn how to use this powerful tool to calm, energize, or connect to your inner wisdom
    • Learn Yoga Nidra practice that can help your whole being and teach you how to systematically relax your body and mind so you can connect to your inner wisdom deeply.
    • You will also learn how to make changes to your environment to support better quality sleep
    • and much more...

    ... All with the support of community that gets you + flexibility to move through this journey at your own pace.

    This is THE program for high acheivers who do not shy away from taking ACTION. If that's you - get your name on the waitlist right now!