Art Of Relaxation


For high achievers who want to make the most of their ‘me’ time

A 4-week online course where you will learn the ancient yogic relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra – a guided meditation that can be done *lying* down!

In 30 mins you will feel so energized and refreshed that you can get back to *your* zone of genius with a renewed sense of self!

Let's face it...

It has been an exhausting year. With our days filled with…

  • Back-to-back Zoom calls – sometimes everyone in the house has a call at the same time and you are scrambling for the most realistic virtual background!
  • Non-stop cooking – do you also feel like everyone in your family is always talking about food?
  • Looking for clever ways to entertain your kids and pets – while wishing they could just entertain each other – without breaking things in the house!
  • Checking in on friends and family – again talking about food, hoping to get inspired.
  • Then back to ‘getting some work done’ before bed– which leaves you anxious about your to-do list for the next day!

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

With all this going on, it’s hard to ‘switch off’ your mind even when you take a break!

  • But what if there was a program that helped you *truly* take a break, not only from your tasks but also the mental chatter which drains your energy every second.

And what if deepening your relaxation can help you also improve ....

Your Immunity

What’s the point of eating healthy organic food if your body is too stressed to properly assimilate all the nutrients? When practiced regularly, deep relaxation activates your parasympathetic nervous system that helps you digest your food better and strengthens immunity. 

Your Sleep

Remember the times you were too tired to fall asleep? A deep relaxation practice helps you move from being “tired but wired” state to a relaxed state, so you can take the pressure off your sleep at night — it doesn’t have to be the only time you relax. 

Your Stress Management

When you feel stress, your body responds by releasing hormones that increase your blood pressure and raise your heart rate. This is called the stress response. Yoga Nidra over time can increase your body and mind awareness and help your body relax so you can manage stress response better. 

... And you could do it all with a Yoga and Wellness Coach by your side, guiding you along the way?


Welcome to...


A 4-week live online course for high achievers who value themselves and would like to learn a simple practice to take better care of their mind, body and soul.

Imagine finally being able to relax so deeply that you can be fully present for everyone and everything you love.
  • Learn Yoga Nidra in a step-by-step format that will help you gradually incorporate this ancient yogic relaxation technique into your busy life.

  • Each class includes a breath-centric asana practice that is designed to help you improve your focus and prepare your body for stillness.

  • Explore and learn to relax the layers of your body, mind, and soul to find your inner spiritual core (your kind inner guide).

  • Live and on-demand classes

  • 1-year unlimited access to on-demand classes

  • Early Bird bonus! First 10 people to sign up get a special gift!


Being a full time student, I am always under a lot of stress — especially this year. In the past, I used meditation to help manage my stress levels, which has done wonders. However, over the years, I found it more difficult to sit still.

I was happy to come across Nisha’s Art of Relaxation course, which I discovered, took meditation to another level. The Yoga Nidra practice involved guided meditation while lying down. It offered relaxation techniques that draws our attention inwards and brings presence to every body part. The second phase of the class involved imagery from nature that took me into a deeper state of relaxation

By the end of the session, I felt a sense of complete restoration and mind clarity. I also saw the results of Yoga Nidra in other areas in my life. I slept throughout the night and woke up feeling energized. I would recommend Yoga Nidra for anyone who has difficulties with meditation, managing stress or who are just looking for a new experience.

- Evie Mercer

Personal Trainer,
Student -- Registered Dietician Program

If we haven't met sipping macchiato in one of Seattle's cozy coffee shops...

Hi! I’m Nisha – An Antenna Design Engineer turned Yoga and Wellness Coach, wife, mom to Adhrit and Enzo (our English Lab puppy), and a wanna-be green thumb (still very proud of the 5 strawberries we harvested from our own container garden last year!).

When I became a new mom, one of the biggest challenges I faced was being able to get enough rest. Juggling the early days of parenthood along with working full time in the tech world filled my mind with never-ending to-do lists.

I started practicing Yoga Nidra to help me get some rest. But within 5 mins of starting the practice I would fall asleep and would wake up after the power nap thinking — mission accomplished. Needless to say, the effects didn’t last very long after the practice. One day I wasn’t that exhausted and ended up staying awake throughout the guided meditation. I felt deeply relaxed and calm after that. Not only after the practice but the calmness lasted the whole day!

I was not able to repeat that experience again till I started my 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I learned the deeper teachings of Yoga Nidra and how to customize it for my students. I discovered its true benefits which is to help you ‘quieten’ your mind and body so much that you align and manifest your sankalpa or heart-felt desire. 

But I know it’s not easy for a busy mind or restless body to find the stillness needed for this alignment. For Yoga to be truly beneficial, I truly believe it needs to meet you where you are and gradually, with practice, take you to your final goal.

That's why I created THE ART OF RELAXATION, for high achievers like YOU, who know the value of a customized course...

 and who want to learn the wisdom of the ancient teachings in a more accessible way.

I had done some Yoga before, but never like this. Nisha was there to help, not only by correcting my poses and advising me on what was best for my body, but also by showing me how to “listen” to my body, be in the moment, be present. Her presence was reassuring, and I felt that even in that first Yoga session, I could be completely open and had no fear to be myself.

Scientist & Illustrator

Got Questions? I've got answers!


Yes! This is an ALL LEVELS class. Whether it’s your first time or you have been practicing all your life, you’ll benefit from the simple but powerful practices taught in the course.


All the classes are recorded and you will have access to the video in your course platform within 24 hrs of the live class. You will also receive email support through the course if you have any questions


You will have access to this course material for one year from the day your course begins. So you can easily practice for as many times as you want to deepen the benefits of your practice.


Each class will begin with a Sanskrit chant honoring the yoga lineage followed by breath-centric āsana practice (Physical practice), Yoga Nidra and journalling.


No worries! I’d be happy to answer them. Reach out at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.