From the outside, it might look you have everything: a great job, making good money, seemingly clear direction in life; but from inside, you feel like you are falling apart every day, busy chasing goal after goal but not feeling satisfied when you achieve them, feeling like not living your full potential and not being your authentic self.

Over time, the underlying stress has started showing up in your body and relationships. Symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, and feeling like you are surrounded by difficult people make you wonder: why is this happening to me?

I know how that feels because I felt that before. Until I decided to confront myself and start transforming my life. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable but is truly liberating.

My tipping point was when I became pregnant 7 years ago. I suddenly felt accountable to my unborn son. How could I raise him to follow his heart while I wasn’t doing so myself?

Thus began my journey from being a Technical Program Manager to Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.

My story:

I really enjoyed being part of some of the greatest mobile product design teams for 13 years. More importantly, I loved the people I worked with. Despite that, I never felt satisfied with the work I was doing. Before pregnancy, anytime I went through the phase of questioning my life choices, I would just take up more projects at work and make myself busier so I didn’t have to confront myself. But when I became pregnant it was different, I had to slow down and could not ignore the sinking feeling of not living my life’s purpose.

My career had become just a mere job and I was not comfortable knowing that I was heading towards complacency.

My lower back started hurting because of all that stress. The pain was so strong I could not focus on my job nor take care of my family. Finally, I built up the courage to leave my job: I was committed to focus on healing myself and eventually helping others before they reached this point in their lives.

I enrolled in IIN’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching course and started healing my body by changing my diet and lifestyle. I was amazed by how the simple tools had such profound effects. I started seeing clients to help them with their healing journey. Regardless of the health issues, backgrounds or goals, each and every one of them benefited by the mindfulness tools I introduced them to.

Self-awareness gave them the confidence to notice the root cause of their issues and guided them to gradually resolve them.

Encouraged by the effectiveness of self-awareness I decided to undergo Viniyoga teacher training in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar. I earned my 200hr teacher training certification and I am helping my clients build their own yoga practice, while I continue to deepen my yoga knowledge.

My deepest desire is to keep learning and sharing my understanding of the knowledge with anyone who is open to receiving it.

Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified International Health Coach

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

My non-negotiables:

I am your supportive partner in your healing journey. I am also a wife to the kindest loving man I know, mom to an angel in the form of a son (who says “I love you, mamma” more than 10 times in a day- he is just 6 yrs old so I am savoring every moment!), daughter to the most caring and supportive parents in the world and lucky sister of the funnest person on this planet!


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