Integrating Wellness Into Our Routines – Momma’s Morning Cup Podcast with Quinn Menier

“On this episode I had the pleasure of speaking to Nisha Kunder who is full of insight and wisdom in integrating wellness into our routines.

Nisha helps high performers develop more energy, patience, and compassion in their personal and professional lives through mindfulness practices. She is also the creator of The Art of Relaxation online course where she teaches the ancient yogic relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra (which is a meditation practice that is done *lying* down).

Nisha and I talk about the importance of sleep hygiene, having a morning ritual, and an evening ritual. Stay until the end to hear Nisha’s own personal evening routine that we can all take notes on.

You will also hear about two different journaling practices, one that I use and teach The Momma’s Morning Cup Virtual Community and what Nisha describes as her go to journaling practice, Bullet Journaling.

Hear how this momma pivoted her career and listened to her own body and used her own techniques for self healing.”

Click here to listen, or click the play button below.

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