Lost in the Wellness World? Focus on these 3 wellness markers to simplify.

With a new trend going viral almost every day it is hard to know what will really work for your body and mind. One day being Paleo is supposed to help and the very next it seems being Vegan is the healthiest way to live. Then there are the fitness trends which keep changing as well, even ancient practices like yoga have so many different paths to choose from. So in all this noise it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here are three markers that will help simplify your wellness journey, so you don’t get stressed by the very same thing that is supposed to help heal you.

    1. Appetite or Digestion:   This is the first marker and it doesn’t always depend on the food you eat. I once had a coaching client named Jamie (name changed for privacy), who worked in the fitness industry.
      As you might have guessed she appeared physically fit and was eating healthy but she often suffered from poor digestion. She could never really figure out why that was happening considering her healthy lifestyle. When we started working together we addressed her symptoms of poor digestion by changing the way she consumed her food based on her Ayurvedic body type. Once she learned to reduce the symptoms we started exploring the deeper causes of her poor digestion.
      Jamie had an overly agreeable personality, she had a hard time saying no to anybody. She didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so she always put others in front of her own needs. This happened both at work and with friends. So she always felt overwhelmed and over-booked. She was not able to keep up with work deadlines. She also realized that every time she met her manager for their weekly check-in she would feel very anxious and have the worst digestion problems. We worked towards better time and energy management. She started using the golden phrase “I will get back to you later” more often and took the time to check her commitments before taking on more tasks. Overtime she managed to take on tasks that she really had time and mindspace for. This helped her manage her anxiety issues which in turn helped improve her digestion. She was surprised that all her digestion issues came from something beyond food.

      So if you have issues with your appetite or digestion then pay attention to your emotional health? Is it the root cause?
    2. Sleep: A good night’s sleep is one of the easiest ways to get healthier faster provided you are rested enough to reach the restorative sleep state. There are lot of things that affect your sleep which are beyond just getting the 6 or 8 hours of sleep every night. Your stress levels during the day, what do you do before you go to bed, the food you eat, and so on. So if you are waking up with brain fog or feel tired during the day then you want to look at other areas of your life that are affecting your sleep. 
    3. Energy:  This is the third marker and the best way to gauge your mental health in my experience. Do you feel tired all the time or are you mostly energetic  throughout the day? Now we all know that when we are doing things that we really love, we have a lot of energy to do it. So think about how many things you do during the day that you are passionate about. If you feel tired all the time then ask yourself if you can work towards doing things that fill your heart and bring you more joy.

One simple way to help improve on all these three areas is to learn how to manage your breath. With breath awareness you will be able to manage anxiety and energy levels helping you think clearly and make better decisions. If you have not already downloaded your free guide then here is the link to a breath technique explained step by step to help you improve your health. You can also book a free call if you would like me to help you help figure out the best breath technique for you.

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