Looking for a device-free mindfulness tool? Have you tried Vedic Chanting?

These days being device-free is next to impossible. From non-stop Zoom calls to online library books, there seems to be no escape. Even our mindfulness tools, which are supposed to help us take a break, are on our phones! 
I used to use guided meditation apps to help me to meditate too. But as soon as I was done with the meditation, my fingers would automatically go to the other apps on my phone. Needless to say, the effects of my meditation practice did not last long. Guided meditations also tend to pull us out of whatever meditative state we are in each time the person guiding you speaks. Does it happen to you? Are you interested in making your meditation glow last a bit longer? Here’s what I did to stop depending on apps for mindfulness.
I started exploring the yoga tools our ancients used. Amongst other tools, chanting seemed to appeal to my obsessive thinking mind immediately. The more I practiced the easier it was to experience and understand the benefits listed by researchers.
So what are the benefits?
  1. Gives you the much needed mindful alone timeThe most important benefit is when you chant people just leave you alone! Not kidding! My son and husband suddenly feel the need to go out and play soccer for a bit, leaving me alone to chant and meditate peacefully. I am sure most parents can relate to not having much alone time in this pandemic era. So, if you want some alone time then chant.
  2. Makes you a confident speaker: Chanting is a meditative practice that helps us find our true, calm, and grounded voice. When we communicate with others our emotional state may affect our voice, hindering us from communicating effectively. Over time it helps improve our speech and teaches us to modulate our voice for the desired effect. Super helpful when you are negotiating your next raise with your boss or getting your kids to clean their room.
  3. Gives you the inherent benefits of sound and vibration healing: Each Sanskrit alphabet when pronounced correctly stimulates different parts of our brain. The combination of words in Vedic chants were designed to create healing vibrations that heal our body at the cellular level. Just like our breath, our voice is with us all the time, we do not need crystal bowls, tuning forks, or chimes to reap the benefits.
  4. Healthy ageing: Remember back when we used to memorize all our friends phone numbers. Today if we remember our own phone number, we feel accomplished. Memory deterioration is one of the biggest issues people face these days. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Vedic chanting is an oral tradition, that has been passed on from teacher to students for thousands of years. Memorizing chants is one of the ways to maximizing its healing benefits and internalizing attention.
Chanting supports the integration of body, voice, mind, and emotions. It helps increase breath capacity and supports meditation and calming the mind. Above all, facilitates deeper connection to your spiritual life.
Have you tried chanting? I would love to hear more about how it has helped your mindfulness practice. Leave your comments below.

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